Supporting Environmentally-Sensitive Development
Supporting Environmentally-Sensitive Development

Septic System Design and Inspection

Our New Hampshire-certified designer can perform inspections and design new or replacement septic systems.



Wetland Delineation and Permitting

Our New Hampshire-Certified Wetland Scientist can perform wetland delineations or prepare wetland permit applications.



Our Mission

Blackwater Environmental Design supports "environmentally-sensitive development," providing development solutions that  tread as lightly as possible on the natural landscape and meet our client’s high expectations. Our goal is for your design to utilize the fullest potential of your site and meet your needs, but result in the least impact to the environment. We believe that we can provide better solutions because we look more carefully at each site, to find its best potential for the owner. This philosophy guides our work for our clients, and provides our clients and us with satisfaction at the completion of each project.

Blackwater Environmental Design is a company that takes a different approach to meet our client’s environmental design needs. Instead of imposing a design onto the site, we "read the lines of Nature’s palm" to determine the true characteristics of the landscape.

A part-time venture, Blackwater Environmental Design has low-overhead and a flexible schedule, making it especially well-suited to work with homeowners who plan to install their own systems.


Soil, slope, hydrology, and vegetation combine in a unique pattern, giving each site its own strengths and weaknesses. Discovering these strengths and weaknesses and applying this information to the task at hand, we arrive at a solution that is intended to serve our client’s needs while respecting the existing landscape.

Whether it’s a new subdivision, a replacement for a failed septic system, or a wetland delineation or permit, Blackwater Environmental Design is ready to provide an candid appraisal of your site and a design or evaluation that you’ll be happy with.

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Click on the link below to go to the NHDES Subsurface Systems Bureau OneStop Data Provider Login to check on the status of your application

Click on the link below for NHDES Subsurface Systems Bureau Fact Sheets for homeowners regarding septic systems

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